Archie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Late May, just before the Jubilee deluge we’ve had a couple of guys on their first visit to Tiger Barn Cattery, Castle Cary. Archie lives with Adrian and Theresa in Barton St David, nr Keinton Mandeville, Somerset.

He also lives with two labradors, but he’s the best looking I’m sure!

He didn’t want to eat his food from the floor. He wanted his pouches on the kitchen counter. When he’d finished he could keep an eye on whatever anyone else was eating!

Molly & Mittens - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

This is the second time these gorgeous ladies have stayed at Tiger Barn Cattery, Castle Cary.
The last time there was no light for portraits but this time they were exceedingly lucky.
We had a 5 minute session of light and both kitties posed purrfectly.
Molly & Mittens moved to Shepton Mallet, Somerset from the South East and have settled into a more sedate country life wonderfully well.
Molly is almost 11 now and Mittens is nearly 6, but it's hard to tell who is the younger!

Mallie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Mally is one of our farthest travelers to Tiger Barn Cattery. He lives in Chilcompton between Midsomer Norton and Shepton Mallet in Somerset.
He's a very beautiful longhaired sandy coloured male and Liz has never been comfortable to leave him before in a cattery.
Mally really only relates well to his special lady, Liz, who was anxious about leaving him in the cattery.

Molly & Mittens - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

Jack travelled with Colleen from Bruton to Tiger Barn Cattery when he was the most adorable short-haired little grey and white kitten.
Now in 2012, he's now a very confident handsome teenager ... Alpha cat, Head Boy, Super Gymnast, Jack is all of this and more.
Yesterday he climbed into Kevin's Nest while I was talking to Mike outside about his portrait canvas of Solo.
Today he was hanging off any door he thought he was on the wrong side of playing & meowing with delight.
I had to stop cleaning this morning to spend a few minutes swishing the sisal rope toys around while he bounced from place to place in a nitrous fueled jellicle mood.

Poppy & Misty - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

Aah, lovely girls Poppy and Misty. They've visited us at Tiger Barn Cattery a few times so we can see them changing from the youthful portraits into cats with characters.

They are fantastic kittens from Shepton Mallet, Somerset who are growing up to be very attractive girls. One a perfect ginger, who says you can't have a ginger girl? And the other, perfectly black with a fluffy tail, they just invite you to love them.