Filling the Tiger Barn Cattery polytunnel …

It’s been a funny few months for weather. It was particularly bad for aubergines and peppers. The 5 days heatwave at the end of March roasted them in their cloches. I lost over 30 of each and I had to start again. I’ve now 3 of each variety that have only just been transferred to the ground in the polytunnel and only one or two of each look particularly weak.

  • Aubergine Violetta Di Firenze
  • Aubergine Rotonda Bianca
  • Aubergine Turkish Orange
  • Aubergine Casper
  • Aubergine Long Purple
  • Pepper Orange Sun
  • Pepper Purple Beauty
  • Pepper Hungarian Yellow
  • Pepper Chocolate Beauty
  • Pepper Golden California Wonder

My tomato germination plan had quite the opposite results with very few deaths, burns or rotting in the pot.
I’ve been trying to give them away, and ten have now gone and I have my 15 sprurting up the polytunnel trellis and two already have their second truss flowers. Because I had so many left over, I chose 8 more for another bed because there was room, (the ones I was most interested in eating twice as many of).
It’s now June and I have 70 more plants than I require!

Large Beefsteak Tomatoes

  • Tomato Black Truffle
  • Tomato Orange Strawberry
  • Tomato Black Krim
  • Tomato Valencia
  • Tomato Pineapple

Medium sized tomatoes

  • Tomato Banana Legs
  • Tomato Tigerella
  • Tomato Purple Russian Plum
  • Tomato Orange Banana
  • Tomato Green Zebra

Stuffing tomato

  • Tomato Striped Stuffer

Smaller & cherry tomatoes

  • Tomato Yellow Pear
  • Tomato Garden Peach
  • Tomato Cerise
  • Tomato Brown Berry
  • Tomato Riesentraube
  • Tomato Gold Nugget

That just left the cucumbers. Unbelievably, every seed planted, germinated which led me to give about 20 away and plant 18. Some of which have fruit forming and others have flowers in the queue and we just hit June.

  • Cucumber White Wonder
  • Cucumber Piccolo Di Parigi
  • Cucumber Telegraph
  • Cucumber Spacemaster 80
  • Cucumber Crystal Lemon
  • Cucumber Early Spring Burpless F1
  • Cucumber Abruzzese Chiaro

Though not really a polytunnel crop, I’ve been storing them in the polytunnel. Most now have fruit or flowers, but I mention them here because I haven’t finished the huge raised bed they are to live in yet and I’m watering them from the butts as much as twice a day when it’s hot.
The weather was strange for the germination of courgettes and squashes. It was almost impossible in March even in the house, but by April only the winter squash remained stubborn, but two weeks later, the seeds stopped rotting or sprouting and dying and developed into plants as normal.
I’ve decided to try two to three plants of each variety this year, they were staggered by as much as 3 weeks and I have 10 varieties.

Summer Squash Varieties

  • Squash Crookneck
  • Squash Papaya Pear F1
  • Squash One-ball
  • Squash Celebration
  • Squash Spaghetti

Winter Squash Varieties

  • Squash Delicata
  • Squash Acorn Table King
  • Squash Butternut Avalon F1


  • Courgette Verde Di Milano
  • Courgette Spineless Beauty F1