This unique portraiture offer has given so much pleasure to so many people, but for the rest of 2017 we've had to make the regrettable decision to make this a commission only service. A charge of £50 per pawtrait is still an extremly reasonable offer.

Use this link for the Tiger Barn Cat Art Gallery there's over 500 pawtraits now, so give the page time to load!

We're hoping you didn't come to this page to see if you could save money!

You won't be too disappointed because it's actually better than that!

Jeremy has a 25 year career in commercial digital art from CD cover art to video editing and in fine art that included portraiture.  We came up with the spectacular idea that we could offer our clients something special that no other Cattery does.

In 2011 we introduced a *FREE hand painted 10x8 digital print of any kitty guest staying with us for a week or more!

By 2016 we'd created more than 500 free pawtraits but the workload had increased both in the garden as well as the cattery to such a level that we can no longer find the time to create them for every cat and managed less than 50 in the whole year. 2017 has been no different so far.

* (Due to the general lack of natural light during winter we're unlikely to get any good shots. These fabulous pawtraits are way more likely between March and November though even during Summer it's always dependent on kitty co-operation!)

Of course, once the art is done it can be reproduced in many different ways, as listed below ...

Once your cat pawtrait is created, we can use the image on many gift items, amongst the most popular are::

Canvas Prints

Framed Enlargements

Greeting Cards

Jigsaw Puzzles



Prices and suppliers often change, please ask for details when you pick your cat(s) up.