We're calling the new marbled Snow Bengal "Tanjax" at the moment, but he's been called Azul, Bacon, Forest Drifter and Crinkle Cat for days at a time but he's registered as Tiger Ted with the vet!  In March 2013 he was 8 months old and weighed over 5kg with one of the best temperaments ever seen in a Bengal cat ... if all you want is a sprawling-purring-sleeping-eating-love-machine.

We're not sure if he'll ever venture outside. He'll scream to be on the other side of the door, then sit on the doorstep until you close it, then he wants to be in the warm again. Birds entertain him, but so does the sound of cellophane!

No video yet, he's not cooperating and the sun has been hiding so far this year, so there's just this pic ...

It's funny to read this a couple of years later and not be able to add anything new ... apart from the fact that he's over 7kg and he patrols the garden all day long looking for friends to play with or rolling over to have his belly rubbed when I'm weeding.. We sometimes refer to him as "The Boy" but because his markings are like a Giraffe and he likes to sit on our chests and pump our clothes, we started calling him "Pumpy Giraffe" or "Pumpy-gee" for short! And he's had that name for a year now.

In previous times he's been called, Bacon, Crinkle Cat and Tanj-the-Banj in these three portraits!

This is Squeakerella. She was brought to us by an animal shelter for fostering & nursing. She had been living wild, had given birth to three kittens who all died from cat flu within a few days. We nursed Squeakers back to health and she's almost 11 years old now!

She loves sleeping or toasting on radiators ... in fact we rarely catch her doing anything else except for sleeping & squeaking!

This was early morning, the sun was shining and Squeakerella was out celebrating the return of Spring in style!

This video shows a young 5 month old Banjax the Snow Bengal on his first garden Safari, where he brings down and kills the cameraman, just for FUN!