Telephone Tiger Barn Cattery on: 01963 240020
Or, we can take bookings or enquiries by filling in the contact form here.


Opening Hours

365 Days A Year: 9.00am - 10.30am & 4.30pm - 6.00pm

Special arrangements can be made outside these hours.
Viewing is welcome within opening hours or by arrangement.


Room Rates Five Days or More - From May 1st 2022

One Cat: £12.00

Two Cats: £16.00

Three Cats: £20.00

Four Cats £24.00

Cats from the same family who need to occupy multiple rooms may be charged at the room rate during any busy periods.

Cat Camp prices include food, giving meds, insurance, cuddles, grooming and games :)


Room Rates - Minimum Charge is £50 for under 5 Days

One Cat: Two to Four Days £50.00

Two Cats: Two or Three Days: £50.00


Terms & Condtions

For many reasons costs may go up and rates may have to increase without warning - If this should happen, stays will be charged at the current rate, not the price at the time of booking unless the price was agreed in your confirmation email.

Costs are per day including the day of arrival and the day of departure unless picked up before 10:00 to give us time to disinfect the room.

All booking are subject to a 5 day minimum charge including School Holidays and Bank Holidays.

Christmas/New Year, the minimum charge is for 7 Days.

Payment is by Card, Cash, or Bank Transfer.

Payment of all boarding fees should be made at the time of collection, except in long term boarding where arrangements are made for the account to be settled monthly.

First time customers may be required to make a 50% deposit by Bank Transfer if their booking falls during any School Holidays, Bank Holidays and any busy periods such as Christmas/New Year.

During very busy periods if an owner returns before the end of the period for which a cat is booked, the full period may be charged.

Cancellations must be advised as soon as possible prior to the expected stay.

Cancellations will be charged in full if less than a week's notice is given.

Cancellations will be charged in full if the room can not be re-let.