All cats must be vaccinated against Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis as a minimum requirement with an up-to-date vaccination certificate on admittance to the cattery. The time between the 1st injection and the booster is 3 weeks, so give yourself plenty of time when booking your cat in. The booster is every 12 months, don't let the course lapse to save money because your vet will insist on starting the course again.

As an advisory, we also recommend having the Leukaemia shot at the same time as the flu jabs. Leukaemia in cats is a viral infection picked up during activities like fighting or mating. We've both lost cats to and Leukaemia so if your kitty is an outside cat ask for it at the same time as the Cat Flu and Feline Enteritis.

Kittens' Vaccinations

Kittens can start a vaccination course from 9 weeks old and routinely will get injections against Cat Flu and Enteritis at 9 weeks and 12 weeks of age.

For the full course for new kittens they will need Flu and Enterits vaccination at 9 weeks, the 1st Leukaemia vaccination at 12 weeks (with 2nd Flu and Enteritis vaccine) and 2nd  Leukaemia vaccination 3 weeks later, at 15 weeks.

Fleas & Worms

All cats should be flead and wormed before entering the cattery. This is generally a 'back of the neck' treatment these days.

Secure Carriers

It is strongly recommended that cats are brought to the cattery in a secure carrier which can be stored on the premises.


We are unable to board un-neutered male cats unless under special circumstances.