A Tiger Barn Cattery Wine Recipe

We'd called a moratorium on winemaking in 2013, we had way too much and we were bottling less and ageing in demijohns. Rather than making more wine I spent most of the summer constructing a new cellar rack system to hold what was around 700 bottles, yeah, you read that right, 700!

Kit wine is often sniffed at by consumers and winemakers. My opinion is that a kit wine is a great way to experience wine making and enjoy a glass of quality wine while you wait for your own to mature. All you need do is decide who's selling the kit cheapest and which wine you want to try. We'd just tasted last summers brews of the Connoisseur Barolo, Connoisseur Cabernet Merlot, Connoisseur Pinot Noir, Connoisseur Rioja Tinto and Connoisseur Shiraz - They were all so good I thought we should just make the two we didn't make for next summer, you know, just to keep my hand in!

So we bought a Connosseur Merlot and a Connosseur Valpolicella


You can pick up these kits in any hop shop in person or online. Kit wines are always nice but I do suggest storing it for the year rather than the drink immediately or in 3 months that the labels suggest. You will end up with a comparable to supermarket bottle in the £5-7 range because kit wines use a lot of high quality grape juice in their cans.

My records on these kits are very limited but should give you an idea about the timing and what little is involved.


Monday 29th July 2013

Merlot Grape Juice, Water, Bentonite, Oak Chips, EC-1118 Lalvin
Valpolicella Grape Juice, Water, Bentonite, Oak Chips, EC-1118 Lalvin

11th August

Siphon into another Demijohn


Tuesday 30th August

Siphon Again
Add Potassium Metabisulphite
Stir for one minute (shake)

SG: 0.991

Stir every few hours for 2 days


Sunday 2nd September

Add Potassium Sorbate to 60 ml of warm water, mix and add to wine
Add fining agent to the wine and stir


Sunday 8th September

Siphon & bottled