A Tiger Barn Cattery Wine Recipe

I was so lucky when I wrote this red cherry plum wine recipe to have any cherry plums at all and even luckier to have half a gallon of other wines and top ups to blend it with to create a new unique new wine.

3.5Lb's of ripe red cherry plums
6 pints of water
1/2 litre Red Aldi Rio D'Oro grape juice or 8 Oz Raisins
1 tsp Pectolase
2.5 Lb Sugar
1/4 tsp Tartaric acid
1 tsp Citric Acid or 1 lemon's juice
2 tsp of yeast nutrients
Lalvin RC 212 yeast

There's nothing unusual about making this wine recipe, it's completely straightforward.

Careful when you're adding sugar - My rule is of thumb is as always: Only add as much sugar as you need to reach an SG of say 1.080 - 1.085 and that will almost guarantee a dry ferment at 12%.


In retrospect, I'd just embarked on the Loganberry and Tayberry fiasco, but I'd just had two perfect hassle free wines, could I make it three?
Yes, but it's this year's first vintner's House Special wine with Red Cherry Plum, so can it be counted? Yup, it can.

Wednesday 20th July 2011 2 PM

Mix all the previous 3 week's reserved top up wines into a demijohn
(Crab Apple and CherrySloe and RaspberryStrawberry and BoysenberryWine Recipe: Loganberry and Tayberry Wine)

Top up with wine from the Butleigh Red Cherry Plum wine recipe
SG: 1.006


Saturday 30th July 2011

1st Rack, filtered sediment to get as much juice as possible
SG: 0.992
Topped up from 1/2 Gallon Young's Red Grape Juice wine


Tuesday August 9th 2011

SG: 0.998


Monday 22nd August 2011

SG: 0.996


Sunday 4th September 2011

2nd Rack
Added crushed Campden tablet
SG: 0.992
Topped up with new mixed berries juice a few days later.


Wednesday 19th October 2011

3rd Rack
Added crushed Campden tablet
SG: 0.993
Unknown alcohol content because I used half a gallon of primary ferment top ups, presumably 13%


Now aging in the demijohn