A Tiger Barn Cattery Wine Recipe

Another house special wine recipe. You could recreate it making half gallons of plum, raspberry and blackcurrant and blend them from the linked recipes, but you could in fact recreate this as is. This particular plum wine recipe with raspberries and blackcurrants would look like this:

2 Lb's of ripe Plums
1 Lb of frozen Raspberries
1 Lb of frozen Blackcurrants
1 tsp Pectolase
6 pints of water
1/2 litre Red Aldi Rio D'Oro grape juice or 8 Oz Raisins for tannin
2.5 Lb Sugar
1 tsp Citric Acid or 1 lemon's juice
1 tsp of yeast nutrients
A good red wine yeast

Be adventurous with this wine recipe, especially using honey or raisins or change the berries or currants or buy some frozen from the store.

A rule is of thumb is as always: Only add as much sugar as you need to reach an SG of say 1.080 - 1.085 and that will almost guarantee a dry ferment at 12% when the hydrometer reaches 0.990.

From my notes:

So, it looks like I'm blending leftovers and over-sweet wines again for this one - An amber, a clear light red and a deep dark red and after a year in the bottle I'm sure it'll be a classic evening tipple for Katriona.

Wednesday 10th August 2010

4 pints of Plum I wine
SG: 1.074

Blended with several pints from two previous wine batches.

Added 2 pints of reserved sweet Raspberry wine.
Added 2 pints of reserved sweet Blackcurrant wine.
Added 1/2 pint of strong tea for some tannin.

SG: 1.060

Saturday 14th August 2010

Strained into Demijohn
SG: 1.020


1 Gallon of Plum I, Raspberry & Blackcurrant

10th Sept 2010
1st Rack
There is almost zero sediment, the SG is fine so I'm going to add the campden tablet and begin maturation.
SG: 0.996

Inaccurate potential alcohol calculation based on the fact that 1.074 was not the starting point, but was the lowest possible starting SG
(1074 - 996) / 7.4 = 10.8%


Clearing & Maturing: 1st Feb 2011

Bottled: 1st February 2011 - 6 x bottles

Drinkable: August 2011