A Tiger Barn Cattery Wine Recipe

This recipe is the basic idea for a red currant and plum wine recipe. It should come out a rich amber red colour depending on the variety and colour of the plums. I suspect a late season redcurrant and an early plum would be necessary without a freezer.

This red currant wine recipe with plum was to save one of the red currant wines that was too sweet. By this time it had been divided so much I didn't even have half a gallon of straight red currant left. It was over 3 pints and so it was the largest single constituent.

If you read the record below the story of this recipe is outrageous. There was honey in there and I ended up starting one of the stuck gallons with a new half gallon of Damson wine!

2 lb Red Currants
2 Lb of Plums
6 pints of water
1 campden tablet
1 tsp pectolase
2-3  Lbs of sugar
1 litre of Red Aldi Rio D'Oro grape juice or a pound of Raisins
1 lemon or 1 tsp Citric Acid
2 tsp TronOzymol yeast nutrient
Bordeaux or Burgundy yeast if you don't have one of the Harvest yeasts for red wine.

Drip strain the must into the demijohn, I find that squeezing plum pulp lets too much sediment into the demijohn.

As a rule of thumb for adding sugar: Use a hydrometer and add sugar only a few Oz at a time. Aiming for a starting point around 1.085 is perfectly adequate to end up with a 90 point drop and a 12% wine almost guaranteed.

If you look closely at my records below, you'll find a couple more plum wine recipes too!

From my notes:

One of the great things about having left over wine from previous experiments is that it allows art into science and conversely science into art.

3 pints of Red Currant wine from this experiment
3 pints of Plum I wine
3 pints of Plum II wine

Mix all wines together and place in the airing cupboard, and enjoy the bubbling.


Plum Wine I

Wednesday 4th August 2010

Picked 10 Lbs of plums from a tree in a garden where my chiropractor used to live using several buckets and a shepherd's crook to lower the branches and dislodge the fruit.
I started by separating 5 Lbs of the ripest plums out of the several buckets because let's face it, if you'd have been knocked out of a tree you'd be bruised and not looking to last long either. I destoned chopped and removed any maggots, washed the dirt off and cut out any bruised flesh. By the time I'd finished I had wrinkled yellow hands.

(I'll be using the other 5 Lbs shortly)

The pulp was given a heavy dose of 8 pints of boiling water and a crushed campden tablet when it had cooled down a little.

Sunday 8th August 2010

Added 1 tsp Pectolase

Monday 9th August 2010

Strain onto 2.5 Lbs of sugar and mixed until dissolved.
Added 1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
Bordeaux Yeast
SG: 1.074

Added 2 pints of reserved sweet Raspberry Wine
Added 2 pints of reserved sweet Blackcurrant Wine
Added 1/2 pint of strong tea.

SG: 1.060

Saturday 14th August 2010
SG: 1.020


Plum II

Monday 9th August 2010

5 Lbs of ripe, stoned, chopped plums and removed any maggots/dirt/bruises.
Poured over 8 pints of boiling water and mixed pulp.

Added 1 Lb Raisins
Added 1 crushed campden tablet

Before bed, added 1 tsp Pectolase

14th August 2010

Strained onto 2 Lbs of sugar and mix until dissolved.

Added 1 tsp citric acid
1 tsp Yeast Nutrient
Burgundy Yeast

Monday 16th August 2010
SG: 1.010


Monday 16th August 2010

2 pints of primary ferment Plum I
3 pints of primary ferment Plum II
3 pints of the sweet Red Currant

SG: 1.016


1 Gallon of Plum 'n Red Currant wine.
SG: 1.016

23rd August 2010

1st Rack
Topped up from reserved Plum 'n Red Currant wine.
SG: 0.994

10th September 2010

2nd Rack
Added campden tablet and topped up from reserved Plum II
SG: 0.994


Clearing & Maturing: 1st Feb 2011

Bottled: 31st January 2011 - 6 x bottles

Drinkable: August 2011