Jaffa - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

You'd love Jaffa. He's become a Cat Campurr on the recommendation of his fur cousin, Jack. And Jaffa's had huge fun. Whether we think he's sweet treat Jaffa cake or healthy Jaffa orange, he really satisfies our 'needing a kitten' craving!

Lottie & Olive - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

Maybe it's been a hard week and you need a two kitten boost! These sisfurs were born on 5 May, same day as Princess Charlotte, who may have been named after this amazing little bundle of energy, Lottie!

Pushkin - A Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

This Easter break was Peachy Pushkin's second visit to Tiger Barn Cattery. There was some great light for a portrait, and we captured his peachy beauty just perfectly.
Pushkin lives with Sandy in Castle Cary, Somerset.
He doesn't like other cats, anyone who walked past was given a little low growl.
We soon discovered we needed to take him out of his chalet to play as his purr is too loud for an enclosed space and it starts with one stroke.
Pushkin is unique and rare in several ways, he's a beautiful peach coloured tabby, he has a great name and we think that his Father was a squirrel.
It's the most amazing tail ever, double jointed so it can flip flat against his back ... it's like a handle that you should just be able to use him as a furry-purry handbag.

Solo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Solo is a beautiful tabby British Short Hair. He's the most adorable stripy tabby kitten imaginable. He lives with Mike in Castle Cary, Somerset. The day he came to Tiger Barn Cattery he was barely old enough to meow :)
He lives life to the full, six feet off the ground. He would be running, jumping and chasing until he hits his brick wall and falls asleep wherever he landed.

When you pick Solo up he's like a swarm of bees in your arms, buzzing with love - You wouldn't believe such a large purr could come out of such a small cat. We're so looking forward to seeing how he develops, but at this stage of the game looks like he's going to be one of the most fantastic cats we've ever met.