Kitty Softpaws - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Caturday's Cat is full of . . . fluff! Cat Campurr Kitty Softpaws is a lush pedigree Maine Coon and black - an unusual colour for the breed. She's fab, she's frisky, she's everywhere at once wanting cuddles and play. As Puss in Boots says in Shrek 2: Kitty? You are not as good as they say. You are better!

Ted - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Mr Fluffy of Shepton (aka Ted) likes to spend his Cat Camp days in the loft made by the winter door panel secured in the 'up' position. He jumps from the stairs through the cat flap and if we call 'Teddddd!', he'll poke his head out of the cat flap! (We also like to tickle his furry toes - you can see them and his tail even when the rest of him is 'loftily' invisible!)

Charlie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

You may notice that Charlie's pupils are exceptionally large. She's actually blind as a bat but her other senses work very well to help her find her way around with ease. She's a friendly and very loving girl who comes to Cat Camp with lots of her toys from home and comfy bed. Named after Charlie Chaplin, Charlie really is our darling!

Roddy - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Roddy was living rough in Bristol when he was befriended by some girls at Uni. They fed and looked after Roddy until they graduated but what then? They didn't want this gentle tabby to go back on the streets. So, what do you do when you're moving out? You call your parents! Roddy happily transitioned to country living and is loved just as much as any cat can be!

Xanthe - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Frey-Frey's human was driving from Galhampton to Castle Cary last year and heard faint mewing.She stopped and lifted up the bonnet and found a tiny five week old Xanthe kitten sitting in her engine! How she got there remains a mystery but it was serendipity that brought her to Frey-Frey who adored having another kitten to mother. Xanthe's now a big girl and she and Freya are inseparable.

Jack - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Also on the fluffy front, we have Jack. He must be Norwegian Forest cat crossed with sheep as he has the woolliest, thickest, hard to brush fur we have ever seen. Jack's dad even takes his own hair clippers to Happy Jack in summer for a good shearing!

Sunshine - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Sunshine is a special girl, loving and friendly from a fab local family. She stayed with us for the first time this year and we'd welcome her back again anytime!

Blue - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Bouncy Blue from Street is a 2015 Cat Camp kitten. This baby boy could play for an hour and then sweetly nod off in our arms. He'll grow up to be a much better kind of 'Mr Grey'!

Hucknall - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

The boy looks soulful in his pawtrait but it's unusual to catch this feline in a still moment. Super active, fun-loving and affectionate, he is a real Cat Camp star. His name? Hucknall - because he's Simply Red!

Michael - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

This is Michael, Cat Camp's own Mr Purrsonality! Mikey makes for the drawer where catnip toys and plastic bags are kept. But not for the mice! He loves the catnip-scented carriers, rolling in them and shredding them into plastic spaghetti! (And we love to watch him do it!)

Olly Bengal - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Once shy Olly Bengal would hide under his covers but loved tickles. Now at Cat Camp, he's so excited to see us that he spins in his basket to make sure every bit of him gets a spa quality massage. (Lovely Olly can also purr and giggle at the same time!)

Besty - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Besty's bloke works on the railways and discovered a Chinese couple with a kitten loose on their laps - against 'Elf & Safety, you know! They said their ticket collector could have the tiny Tortie for his own if he agreed to call her Besty. And so, she's been his Besty ever since!