Boy - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Boy is a Somerset's Castle Cary boy, he lives with him Mum, Catherine - Boy's not a fan of other cats, so sometimes he exercises in the back room which gives him the space to enjoy himself.
Most people who don't have a black cat themselves view black cats as all the same - We know all our black cats are completely unique, and Boy is extra special in that he he has a tiny patch of white fur on one front toe.

Tigger & Tarka - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

These two boys live up by the Wheathill Golf Course between Lydford and Castle Cary, Somerset. They're a little under a mile away from Tiger Barn Cattery, but neither have popped down for a visit because I suspect they both love the good life ... a roaring fire, a comfy sofa and lots of grub and fuss. There's not a bad bone in either of them, mean kitties they are not.
Their portraits both made it into our 2012 office Calendar so we will have them in the cattery for 2 months this year!

Cookie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Cookie lives in Wells, Somerset and came down a few times during the summer. Her best story is "when Cookie met Gus". After a slightly shaky start Cookie relaxed with Gus and us. Just a strange place with strange smells and OMG, it's full of Cats!
She and Gus became the best of friends. A pair of havocateurs cajoling and spinning into jelicle moods. They'd race up and they'd race around unless stopping for food, at lightning speeds.

Digby - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Digby is a Gentleman from Barton St David, near Somerton, Somerset. He's affectionately known to us as 'Diggers'. Katriona once described him as "distinguished looking like his Dad."
He's probably the most regular kitty staying at Tiger Barn Cattery, about once a month. Some people assume he's ours because he's here so often. He's now referred to as his Lordship. He's treated like an elder and before he arrives we fly the Union Jack.

Ooh & Ahh - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

These two boys come to Tiger Barn Cattery from Castle Cary, Somerset come in like bruisers, strutting and growling ...
They act badly for a couple of days then turn into complete softies - Both of them roll about purring on the furniture and both love to be groomed.
We'd always thought that the kitties names came from somewhere. We didn't know where, but assumed when they were kittens, their Mum had looked at them and said "Ooh", and their Dad had said "Aah" and it stuck.

Spartapus - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Barbara's Spartapus wins the Tiger Barn Cattery prize for Best name for a Cat EVER! Congratulations to his family! Glastonbury's Spartapus had every cat in the cattery claiming 'I am Spartapus!' but this tabby and white leader kept his cool because he very definitely knows he's the one & only.

Doodies - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

He lives with Tina in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. Doodies is half Siamese, all outgoing, and a clever boy, Doodies is a cat you just can't help but love every time he comes to Tiger Barn Cattery.
We have to watch the portions, though, as Doodies is a bit of a porker and is trying to regain his svelte figure again.

Sam & Frodo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

These two arrived this week for the first time at Tiger Barn Cattery.
They live in Shepton Mallet, Somerset and there was some sun and that gave me a chance to make these portraits happen.
They might not be the finished ones I hand out, especially since I'm in the one with Willis as we'd got nothing better from two photo shoots!

Ellie, Izzy & Lily - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

They live with Jane & Andy just over in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. They come to Tiger Barn Cattery in a good mood. Ellie was described by my great nephew as golden cream. She's completely outgoing from the start and Izzy is the Blue girl and a little slower to come out of herself.
Soon enough though, they're typical Burmese who make up their own minds about everything, true explorers, always ready to seek you out for fuss and a game.

Cassie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Beautiful Abyssinian Cassie was born in New Zealand, moved to Australia, and now lives in Somerset. She's taken all this relocation with panache and good humour. Cassie is certainly lovely to look at but she's no diva! There are three children in her family, all younger than her, and she adapts to play or purr mode as requested or required.

Jemima - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Jemima resided in Brussels for many years and recently retired to Keinton Mandeville. She used to be a great tree climber, quite the sports cat, but now prefers a cosy bed and something tasty at teatime. (Well, she is in her late teens and has earned the right to rest on her laurels.) Jemima is a great favourite at Cat Camp when she toddles up for a cuddle, letting us stroke her silky long fur and blinking at us with affection!

Edna - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Here's EdnaCat of Glastonbury, a very beautiful cat person brimming with empathy. We called her our Cat Camp priestess as she seemed to channel Bast and intuitively knew if we needed more of her special love. EdnaCat was moving to The Netherlands with her family but, soon before, she was involved in an accident and passed over the Rainbow Bridge. She has never left Avalon and, much loved and missed, she is here for us now if we just think of her - soft and kind and purry.