Tilly - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Saffy is Jane's little darling, she's never had a kitty like her before. Saffy arrives at Tiger Barn Cattery a crazy, angry, hissing, scratching, perfectly beautiful little tabby girl from Castle Cary, Somerset.
The transition to a girl I can rock in my arms like a baby can take almost a week. Between the two I usually donate a little blood to the cause, but when she's good, she's really perfect.
One of her favourite treats are Dreamies, I can knock a day off the transition with those as bribes.

Timmy - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Timmy Tiptoes is Jo's boy, a talker from Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. Yowl, Meow, WOOF - err, maybe not woof - and Timmy keeps it up all day long! If we're quiet on a still day, I'm sure we can hear him in Tiger Barn Cattery from the garden!
With amazing eyes, he's happiest when he's telling you what's what in World of Timmy and kicking his litter around :)
This portrait was taken from photographs just as he was about to go home, he was looking out of the window at the moment his family arrived.

Samson - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

What a great lad Samson is, he's a British Blue from Keinton Mandeville, Somerset - He was in the first block of kitties when we took over the cattery. Whenever Suzanne books him in to Tiger Barn Cattery, Katriona gets very exited.
Samson's easy to look after, easy to please and never short of a purr ... He gets on with other people and kitties alike.
Lovely to look at, lovely to touch, and you really know you have a cat in your arms with this big smiley boy.

Domino - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Domino lives with Steve in East Lydford near Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. She looks grumpy in her portrait, or that she's doing a Lee Van Cleef impression, her hammer's cocked and she's bluffing in poker, but she's really a darling … I'll have to create a new portrait soon, I can't have that one!

She's lovely when she's staying at Tiger Barn Cattery. She doesn't hiss or growl at anyone. She'll sit on the stairs watching and ask to be stroked whenever we pass. She's a fast eater too! I called her "Domino the gromph monster" for a while.

Silas - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Silas is a classy boy from near Wincanton, Somerset. He could purr for England and other than eat doesn't do much else at Tiger Barn Cattery!
He's one of those special cats that choose you rather than you picking them - Simon and Helen weren't expecting to get a cat for Christmas, but he just turned up on their doorstep looking for somewhere to live.

Sam & Frodo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guests

We love having these two sizeable gentlemen into Tiger Barn Cattery. They live in Keinton Mandeville near Somerton, Somerset with Helen. Whenever they're in, I use it as an excuse to wander around doing all the West Country hobbit accents from Lord of the Rings to every cat who wants to listen ... so much so that Katriona locked me in the far end of the chalets until I promised to stop it ... Of course, I couldn't and had to stay there!

Cosmo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Cosmo is a Tiger Barn Cattery favourite. Cosmo has fur, but not just ordinary mogg fur, it's the silkiest softest bunny fur imaginable.
She lives in Frome, Somerset with Sandy, she has a lovely temperament, stunning green eyes and models after her namesake magazine.

When her Mum delivered her to the cattery the first time, Katriona and I just oohed and aahed at how pretty she was, but Sandy told a different story. She said people would see Cosmo's face for the first time they'd remark in horror "What's that!?" or "What an ugly cat!".

Ted - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Ted lives in West Lydford between Castle Cary and Somerton. Colin's first words to us were "Ted's an escape artist".
Some years ago, long before we took over Tiger Barn Cattery, Ted escaped and lived free of ownership for 2 years before being spotted in a hedgerow and apprehended.

We were astonished that he'd be brought back here at all after his bid for freedom, but he certainly couldn't escape on our watch.
He's a lovely cat with a day-glo orange coat and seems to be content with his world behind bars, but in his portrait, he sure looks like he's looking for a way out!

Kevin - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Kevin lives in Stoke St Michael between Shepton Mallet & Radstock, Somerset with Geoff & Sand.
Kevin is a special boy, it's not just the slanting eyes or the friendliness, it's that he has a part of Tiger Barn Cattery named for him. - In the roof area there's an apex where there's just enough room to fit a prostrate cat.
Kevin had taken a leap of faith from the usual window gazing position. He landed in the internal guttering where the air flows and the sun warms, but the rain will only wet your feet.

Ted - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Harvey came to Tiger Barn Cattery from Keinton Mandeville, Somerset where he is adored by Jeff, Catherine and the kids, especially Luke.

He was a joy to have around.
When you have a cattery full of kitties demanding food or attention in the morning, it's hard to decide where to start.
Harvey comes from a young family of two boys and a girl and I can just imagine how kitty comes last for breakfast!
Harvey is the one guy who is just sitting face up, perfectly centered, silent and waiting.
He's big, gentle and patient, and not to forget beautiful. He is so pleased to be served at any point but we could never make him wait til last.

Just William - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Just William comes down to Tiger Barn Cattery from Wells, Somerset where he lives with Maria & David.
His family named him Just William, but at Tiger Barn Cattery we like to call him "Billy Birman" though his full title would be "Billy Birman, the nose nibbler"
He earned his nickname because Katriona can't resist long haired cats. She likes to stand in the chalet instead of cleaning stroking and scrubbling him into a purring frenzy, this excites him to a degree of apoplexy and as he nudges forward to nuzzle into her face he cant resist nibbling her nose delicately!

Rowena - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Rowena lives in Galhampton near Castle Cary, Somerset and arrives at Tiger Barn Cattery with her own special food.
Do we call her Rowena or Rowan? Her Mum, Sharon says Rowan but the kids call her Rowena because that's the name she came with!  But, what's in a name, hey?