Ellie, Izzy & Lily - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

They live with Jane & Andy just over in Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. They come to Tiger Barn Cattery in a good mood. Ellie was described by my great nephew as golden cream. She's completely outgoing from the start and Izzy is the Blue girl and a little slower to come out of herself.
Soon enough though, they're typical Burmese who make up their own minds about everything, true explorers, always ready to seek you out for fuss and a game.

Ellie & Izzy: Totally loving, totally brilliant, totally Burmese.

Frodo - Tiger Barn Guest
Izzy - Blue Burmese Lily - Lilac Burmese

In August 2012 these two ladies now have a fresh new face to contend with: Lily the lilac Burmese. She is a 7 month old force to be reckoned with, and has improved her climbing and playing skills no end here at Tiger Barn Cattery!