Sam & Frodo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

These two arrived this week for the first time at Tiger Barn Cattery.
They live in Shepton Mallet, Somerset and there was some sun and that gave me a chance to make these portraits happen.
They might not be the finished ones I hand out, especially since I'm in the one with Willis as we'd got nothing better from two photo shoots!

The girls' Mum, Kelly was cool, turning up in a Marc Bolan T-Shirt with "I love to boogie" emblazoned across it.

Tatum is a spit for our Squeakerella, all marbled tabby with a weak meow and a quack when happy - We've decided it's too unusual a compbination to be anything other than a result of genetics! I think she's better with me than her real family!

Willis is a girl too, 'love on legs' isn't too strong a description, neither is 'purrmeister' :)

Frodo - Tiger Barn Guest
Willis in: A portrait of the artist as an old man Silky - Smooth

Silky arrived in the family in 2013. She's a feisty silver tabby with a bad temper and white chest, but when relaxed, she's lovely!