Ooh & Ahh - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

These two boys come to Tiger Barn Cattery from Castle Cary, Somerset come in like bruisers, strutting and growling ...
They act badly for a couple of days then turn into complete softies - Both of them roll about purring on the furniture and both love to be groomed.
We'd always thought that the kitties names came from somewhere. We didn't know where, but assumed when they were kittens, their Mum had looked at them and said "Ooh", and their Dad had said "Aah" and it stuck.

Tiger Barn Cattery Portrait
(Ooh) Aah Cat-onar

However, we asked Max for the story ... It turns out that Mum is a huge and incorrigible Eric Cantona fan and they were named after the Manchester United chant "Ooh, Ahh Cantona". Obviously this explanation disappointed us no end as Ooh & Aah suits them fine either as newborn kittens or as affectionate adults.

Sadly Ooh crossed the rainbow bridge in 2014 and Aah visits us quite often and still purrs & drool on contact!