Cookie - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Cookie lives in Wells, Somerset and came down a few times during the summer. Her best story is "when Cookie met Gus". After a slightly shaky start Cookie relaxed with Gus and us. Just a strange place with strange smells and OMG, it's full of Cats!
She and Gus became the best of friends. A pair of havocateurs cajoling and spinning into jelicle moods. They'd race up and they'd race around unless stopping for food, at lightning speeds.

Cookie's favourite place to confuse Gus from was in the roof area apex where there's just enough room to fit a prostrate cat. She'd worked out by accident that if she launched herself up the steps the older cats use for window gazing, she'd have enough impetus to claw up the wired windows and heave herself onto the internal guttering. She would smile, purring with an air of superiority high above the rest of the world.
Gus never followed her and the poor damsel always had to wait for me to lift her down or make her own way down ... that spot is nicknamed 'Kevin's Nest' after we had a lovely boy from Radstock visit. He was the first boy to find the birds-eye kitty shaped space and he liked it so much I painted his pawtrait up there!