Tigger & Tarka - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

These two boys live up by the Wheathill Golf Course between Lydford and Castle Cary, Somerset. They're a little under a mile away from Tiger Barn Cattery, but neither have popped down for a visit because I suspect they both love the good life ... a roaring fire, a comfy sofa and lots of grub and fuss. There's not a bad bone in either of them, mean kitties they are not.
Their portraits both made it into our 2012 office Calendar so we will have them in the cattery for 2 months this year!

It's quite funny, Katriona and I like different cats. I tend to like the sleek wild cat look of a Bengal. In a different life I've searched for Snow Leopards in Nepal, Tigers in Malaysia and the last Asiatic Lions of India ... Whereas Katriona loves huge fluffy tails, full faces and the long fur of say a male Maine Coon or a Norwegian Forest Cat.

Tarka is her perfect boy, and I love Tigger because he likes to sleep and he's great to fuss :)

Tarka - Ready For Tea Tigger - I'm awake, it must be food time ...

Tigger is really Fiona's daughter's cat.
When they came in for their spring break in 2012 I decided to do a fully awake full-faced Tigger ... because that's how Emma remembered him :)