Just William - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Just William comes down to Tiger Barn Cattery from Wells, Somerset where he lives with Maria & David.
His family named him Just William, but at Tiger Barn Cattery we like to call him "Billy Birman" though his full title would be "Billy Birman, the nose nibbler"
He earned his nickname because Katriona can't resist long haired cats. She likes to stand in the chalet instead of cleaning stroking and scrubbling him into a purring frenzy, this excites him to a degree of apoplexy and as he nudges forward to nuzzle into her face he cant resist nibbling her nose delicately!

I'd say there was no more a fab and beautiful cat in Wells. His portrait is a near perfect likeness and David ordered a canvas print for Maria and I'm sure it looks great on the wall - He was in the 2012 Calendar and he's one of the 10 portraits hanging in the office :)