Ted - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Harvey came to Tiger Barn Cattery from Keinton Mandeville, Somerset where he is adored by Jeff, Catherine and the kids, especially Luke.

He was a joy to have around.
When you have a cattery full of kitties demanding food or attention in the morning, it's hard to decide where to start.
Harvey comes from a young family of two boys and a girl and I can just imagine how kitty comes last for breakfast!
Harvey is the one guy who is just sitting face up, perfectly centered, silent and waiting.
He's big, gentle and patient, and not to forget beautiful. He is so pleased to be served at any point but we could never make him wait til last.

His Dad Jeff complains all the time that Harvey is quick with claws and jaws at home, hiding on the stairs to pat him or tripping him up in the kitchen. He turned up in May 2015 with two holes in his cheek … all Harvey wanted to do with me was rub heads, lol.