Ted - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Ted lives in West Lydford between Castle Cary and Somerton. Colin's first words to us were "Ted's an escape artist".
Some years ago, long before we took over Tiger Barn Cattery, Ted escaped and lived free of ownership for 2 years before being spotted in a hedgerow and apprehended.

We were astonished that he'd be brought back here at all after his bid for freedom, but he certainly couldn't escape on our watch.
He's a lovely cat with a day-glo orange coat and seems to be content with his world behind bars, but in his portrait, he sure looks like he's looking for a way out!

Ted usually only comes in for a few days and he often doesn't settle until the third day, but recently Colin's been going away for a week at a time and Ted becomes my best friend!

Sooner or later I'll update the portrait to reflect his true self :)