Cosmo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Cosmo is a Tiger Barn Cattery favourite. Cosmo has fur, but not just ordinary mogg fur, it's the silkiest softest bunny fur imaginable.
She lives in Frome, Somerset with Sandy, she has a lovely temperament, stunning green eyes and models after her namesake magazine.

When her Mum delivered her to the cattery the first time, Katriona and I just oohed and aahed at how pretty she was, but Sandy told a different story. She said people would see Cosmo's face for the first time they'd remark in horror "What's that!?" or "What an ugly cat!".

It's amazing, Cosmo's birthmark looks like a yacht at sea in the summer and a Chistmas tree in winter, she's just one beautiful kitty with the softest Angora fur imaginable … and NEVER ugly!

Cosmo always seems to land one of the window chalets, and her portrait appears in the 2012 Tiger Barn Cattery calendar so we'll have her in the cattery for a whole month next year!

She doesn't like any other cats, but boy does she love to be loved ... We think she must hold her breath to save them up so when she sees us she just let's rip a purring frenzy, and as you're stroking her all the love transfers to you by Cosmosis.