Sam & Frodo - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

We love having these two sizeable gentlemen into Tiger Barn Cattery. They live in Keinton Mandeville near Somerton, Somerset with Helen. Whenever they're in, I use it as an excuse to wander around doing all the West Country hobbit accents from Lord of the Rings to every cat who wants to listen ... so much so that Katriona locked me in the far end of the chalets until I promised to stop it ... Of course, I couldn't and had to stay there!

Helen is so sweet, she told us Sam & Frodo were brothers and we'd never be able to tell them apart.
Then while we were photographing them both for their pawtraits we ended up with shots from almost the same angle ... The paintings show even to the untrained eye that they're really nothing like each other. As Katriona pointed out, Sam is a stone heavier and has the end of his tail missing ... In a Battle with Smaug no doubt :D

Frodo - Tiger Barn Guest
Frodo - "I Must Sam, It's the Only Way"


A couple of years later I had a chance to revisit these cats - Try to capture them as proper portraits rather than as a cat-comparison competition, so here are the updated Frodo & Sam paw traits … and they're still talking with that West Country accent!

Sam - "This looks strangely familiar." Frodo - "Because we've been here before."