Domino - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Domino lives with Steve in East Lydford near Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. She looks grumpy in her portrait, or that she's doing a Lee Van Cleef impression, her hammer's cocked and she's bluffing in poker, but she's really a darling … I'll have to create a new portrait soon, I can't have that one!

She's lovely when she's staying at Tiger Barn Cattery. She doesn't hiss or growl at anyone. She'll sit on the stairs watching and ask to be stroked whenever we pass. She's a fast eater too! I called her "Domino the gromph monster" for a while.

I was never quite happy with the original portrait, so I decided to make a better reflection of her character this year, because she's already booked in for three stays. During Feb 2012 we had a rare burst of soft wintery sunlight pouring into the cattery and we got the shot we needed and I replaced the one I didn't like in this post.

Domino was a part of a larger session that captured a couple of other cats - We nearly didn't do any photography at all as whatever sun there is at this time of the year always seems to be obscured by accompanying clouds five seconds after we grab the camera or be too shallow an angle to light anything below window height. Today we were very lucky.

2015: Wow, Domino must have been in 4 times already this year and it's only May. All sorts of nice places her parents have gone, and a nice time she's had here. She usually sits on the steps looking out of her doorway, waiting for food, she's not interested in crossing the threshold, "ahh, exercising is for fools" I once imagined her saying.

May 2015: We just took her to the vet this morning, you can't take chances with these older girls, a bout of diarrhea can dehydrate them fast so we whipped her into the vets, gave her a couple of injections, antibiotics, brought some rehydration liquid home and settled her in again … she seems much happier this evening.

There's something else I just remembered about Domino, is why she was named Domino ... See that small white blaze of white on her chest? She has another at the base of her tummy and so she looks like the double one domino when she lies on her back.