Samson - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

What a great lad Samson is, he's a British Blue from Keinton Mandeville, Somerset - He was in the first block of kitties when we took over the cattery. Whenever Suzanne books him in to Tiger Barn Cattery, Katriona gets very exited.
Samson's easy to look after, easy to please and never short of a purr ... He gets on with other people and kitties alike.
Lovely to look at, lovely to touch, and you really know you have a cat in your arms with this big smiley boy.

2012 January: Samson was 'Mr January' in the Tiger Barn Cattery calendar. The amber eyes warmed the office up a treat and him coming to stay in January was fantastic!

2013: Has to take Metacam for arthritis, and he takes it like it was cream, straight from the plunger … he even tells you when he's had enough … or when he wants some more … We thought he wasn't long for this world with all his weight loss, so we took another portrait ...

Samson - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

2014: Total recovery, doesn't need the painkillers, put some weight back on and has all fluffed back up to his former self :)

2015: Still mooching, still happy, still purring on contact, what a beautiful boy!