Timmy - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Timmy Tiptoes is Jo's boy, a talker from Keinton Mandeville, Somerset. Yowl, Meow, WOOF - err, maybe not woof - and Timmy keeps it up all day long! If we're quiet on a still day, I'm sure we can hear him in Tiger Barn Cattery from the garden!
With amazing eyes, he's happiest when he's telling you what's what in World of Timmy and kicking his litter around :)
This portrait was taken from photographs just as he was about to go home, he was looking out of the window at the moment his family arrived.

Over the years Timmy used to arrive with his Mom, Jo, and Briony - Briony loves cats so, in 2014 we put the word out that we were looking for a Saturday girl to help out, Jo volunteered her daughter who'd just turned 16. Perfect for us. Briony worked the whole summer and we invited her back for 2015 and she's starting her second year of volunteering on May, 25th.