Tilly - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Saffy is Jane's little darling, she's never had a kitty like her before. Saffy arrives at Tiger Barn Cattery a crazy, angry, hissing, scratching, perfectly beautiful little tabby girl from Castle Cary, Somerset.
The transition to a girl I can rock in my arms like a baby can take almost a week. Between the two I usually donate a little blood to the cause, but when she's good, she's really perfect.
One of her favourite treats are Dreamies, I can knock a day off the transition with those as bribes.

From the very day I met her, I wanted her to like me, I mean she's just a totally adorable and perfect tabby. I ended up photographing her on 3 stays before I got the portrait painting right, and I'm glad I persevered. Just like I do with her. A baby in my arms, purring, gentle and calm. I remember Jane racing off the first time we met Saffy laughing "good luck!" apparently the last people here needed a broom just to get in and feed her!!

Katriona still needs to use the broom to feed her on the first day!