Freya - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Freya hails from Galhampton nr Castle Cary, Somerset where she lives with Charlotte and her new sisfur, Xanthe.
Frey-Frey has a perfect temperament, she loves nothing more than lying on the grooming shelf in the sun. She's an Oriental Blue and when she comes in all she wants to know is where the fuss and the food is!

She has a fabulous face, she is known as the Vampire With a Soul. It's the portrait, those soulful green eyes and those massive vampire fangs. We cover the mouth up and you get the look of love and cover the eyes and get the vampire teeth.
Her portrait is our Miss February in the 2012 Tiger Barn Cattery Office calendar ... we're trying to get her a walk on part in True Blood or the Twilight Saga, because she's such a star.

Hard to believe this girl was a breeding kitty, she was adopted by Charlotte when she'd finished her kitten machine days. She's a perfect companion and she always enjoys her endless spa days at cat camp.