Smokey - Tiger Barn Cattery Guest

Tigs or "Da Tigster" comes to Tiger Barn Cattery quite a few times a year from Castle Cary, Somerset so it gives Jeremy a lot of chances to interact.
Born on a farm, Tabby Tiggie is almost domesticated - It's her paws and claws which sometimes have a life of their own!
Chris and Val are certain she's only playing but describe her affectionately as 'slightly feral' ... We're respectful of Tiggie but become better friends with her with every stay.

Katriona's edit: Tiggie's portrait is lovely, Val & Chris like it since they bought a set of coasters this year. It's Jeremy's New Year's resolution for 2012 to snuggle Tiggie in his arms and rock her like a baby.
He can already pick her up, (more often to put her back in her carrier) and tickle her chin when he has her under his arm without trouble. He can stroke her occasionally when she's just sitting quietly, if he hasn't just touched any other cat or at any time she's eating!

In May 2015 she was purring for us both all the time she was here and let us pick her up without fighting!