What should you be looking for when choosing a cattery?

If you want to compare catteries, don't just choose on the price.

  • Perhaps there are winter heating surcharges
  • Maybe there are fines for out of hours pick ups
  • Extra charges for medicating
  • Basic grooming care like daily brushing could be an add-on!

When you view the cattery

  • Are the owners interested in your cat and showing you around?
  • Is every cat approachable by the proprietors?
  • Do the proprietors know their cats?
  • Is the environment calm and are the cats content?
  • Are the empty rooms full of climbing towers, furniture, toys and soft furnishings? No responsible cattery would provide any climbing towers or chairs. Once a toy is touched by a single cat, it must be disposed of. When a room has clutter on the floor, the room can't be cleaned properly. If there are climbing towers, they can't be adequately disinfected between guests so your cat will be exposed to millions of bacteria and viruses left by every previous guest. If your cat needs scratching posts, rugs or pillows, you must insist on bringing your own,

When you're interviewing the cattery owners, do they

  • Exude confidence?
  • Express enthusiasm?
  • Give you peace of mind?

Find out if there are any restrictive hours:

  • Not open on Sundays, half day Saturdays or a midweek day closed?
  • Closing for part of the year affects you if you ski or like to enjoy the Caribbean during the winter months
  • Are there shut downs for annual maintenance?

What are the right questions to ask when choosing a cattery?

Ask about food.

We keep a huge selection of cat food in stock to cover most tastes & requirements. Including Royal Canin Exigent, Sheba and Gourmet.

Our cats are individuals, but although Whiskas, Felix and James Wellbeloved are the most popular brands with our guests, just tell us what you feed your cat and we'll try to match what they eat at home.

Ask about insurance.

We buy the best insurance available, which includes cover for vet fees while your cat is with us. With our cover, you won't face a vet's bill after your holiday and you won't pay the excess on your own pet insurance policy. (Pre-existing conditions cannot be insured).

Having this kind of insurance means there'll be no delay in seeing your OWN vet if we believe the situation warrants it.

Ask about litter.

We buy dust free clay based fullers earth type litter.

It's easy to clean, clumps well and destroys odours almost immediately and the cats love scrubbling about with it.

We also keep in the paper pellet type litter. Cleanliness is an issue for some cats and it's easier to use paper litter for older cats.

Ask about experience.

Before we bought this cattery, we'd had years of experience volunteering in different welfare situations with cats. Not just in the UK, but also abroad.

Everything we learned we've tried to put into practice. We run our cattery for the cats.